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"Compliance Alliance is a facility management consulting company specializing in the Americans with Disabilities Act utilizing the most current and accurate information available to assist you in making the best possible choices based on the circumstances of your facility and the costs associated with creating a more accessible, more inviting environment."

Company Profile

Michael Chenail, our company's founder began assisting public entities, private businesses and other professionals to create manage and market environments without barriers in 1990.

Since that time Mr. Chenail has garnered more than two decades of professional experience from his direct service with local, state and national disability organizations. Through his experience, knowledge and expertise he has significantly contributed to the promotion, creation and availability of barrier free environments that accommodate and attract people of all ability levels.

Throughout his years of work in the disability field Mr. Chenail realized that individuals with disabilities and the community-at-large were still inhibited by a variety of barriers that limited both participation and opportunity.

Recognizing that public entities, private businesses, construction professionals and the communities they serve could benefit from professional assistance with not only the creation of more accessible environments, but with managing and marketing these environments as well, Mr. Chenail opened the doors of Compliance Alliance.

Today, Compliance Alliance offers an unsurpassed understanding of accessibility as it applies to accommodating people with disabilities in a wide variety of public environments. Equipped with an insider's perspective our working knowledge and understanding of accessibility standards, practices and solutions work to benefit our clients seeking to accommodate and attract people of all abilities in a broad spectrum of environments. Hence, our clientele find that by proactively creating accessible environments they are the beneficiaries of a larger, more diverse population.

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Call the "ADA & Hospitality Specialists" - We help you do it right!

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