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Accessibility Consulting Services

Accessibility is an equally important component of both new and existing environments. Equipped with an intrinsic, insider's perspective on disability and more than 20 years of experience helping architects and designers achieve ADA compliance, we at Compliance Alliance have the experience you need on your side. Don't spend hours searching for code references trying to make sense of the conflicting requirements and overlapping codes. Let us help you to develop solutions that work.

Compliance Alliance provides a wide range of accessibility services, including but not limited to the following;

Barrier Removal Action Plan: Often referred to as an "Access Study" our Barrier Removal Action Plans are great for those who seek to improve the level of accessibility their facility presently offers. A Barrier Removal Action Plan consists of an in-depth evaluation of the facility. Documented in a detailed report, including pictures and correlating building codes, we identify barriers and offer practical tips and solutions for their removal as well as suggestions for economical ways to incorporate features that add not only safety and accessibility, but functionality as well. Utilizing the acquired information we assist you in developing a strategic plan to remove barriers in a logical and systemic manner. Additionally, we can provide you with cost estimates for any changes and information on available furnishings, accessories, hardware and fixtures.

Plan Review: Whether you are remodeling or planning a new facility, a plan review can potentially save thousands of dollars and countless hours lost in unnecessary delays. A thorough, in-depth review of construction plans serve to detect any potential barriers which might otherwise be built into your construction project. Moreover, omitting these barriers at the design stage will prove far less costly than to retrofit or otherwise correct the issues during the construction phase. Depending upon the type of barrier(s) found during the review process - your saving could be substantial. To ensure that the process is smooth and efficient we can meet with you and your design team to review and assist in resolving any issues noted in the review process.

Professional Services: Compliance Alliance provides accessibility and ADA compliance services, to architects, contractors and other building design and construction professionals. Our in-depth, inherent knowledge as to the intent of the law enables us to help you develop alternative, equivalent, facilitation solutions when literal compliance is not reasonable or otherwise practical in nature.

Expert Witness/Testimony Assistance: Compliance Alliance provides defense and plaintiff expert witness and consulting services to both private and public entities. By reviewing documents; prepared reports; or through representation at meetings and negotiations or courtroom testimony our opinions are consistent and presented in a succinct straight forward manner allowing attorneys to determine how best to support their clients.

Telephone Consultation / Technical Assistance: Because accessibility information and assistance is sometimes required on a more immediate basis, Compliance Alliance provides material as well as telephone and on-site consultation.

Maintenance: Businesses spend money to remove barriers. And, businesses need to protect that investment. A key component of ADA compliance is maintaining those features so they remain usable. If key elements – often including the parking, building entrance, route into and through the establishment, access to the store’s goods and services, restrooms, cashier stations, and egress – are not maintained, then access is reduced or eliminated. A poorly placed trashcan or a locked door can make a building unusable. Now that is a waste of money. Call today to schedule your checkup.

Marketing: You have likely expended time and resources to develop and implement a plan that enables your operation to accommodate people with disabilities. Don't keep it a secret. Call today… you may find that making your business more accessible and welcoming to people of all abilities is not as difficult as you thought.

Accessibility / Disability Training: When you need a speaker we can provide you with a trained and knowledgeable presenter who brings insight and understanding to the specific topic. Our presenter services range from small community meetings to national multi-day seminars and conferences and tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of the audience(s). Presentations are geared toward educating design and construction professionals, executives, human resource specialists, sales/marketing professionals, as well as attorneys and students on the technical requirements of accessibility regulations and the beneficial impact of ADA Design.

Presenter topics include;

The American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Overview
The ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) - Including Recent and Propsed Changes
Serving People with Disabilities
Disability Etiquette
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